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8 Tips to looking after Black & Afro hair

Looking afer black and afro hair needed be a big job, or require a lot of equipment or products. Below is a few ideas we think will go a long way in making sure your afro hair is cared for.

1. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night

Pillows can rob your hair of moisture while you are asleep, and your hair can feel dry in the morning resulting in you adding more products and heat to your hair to try and banish the frizz. If you simply wrap your hair in a silk scarf or use a silk pillow case before you go to bed, you will find that your hair is not as dry, as the silk material has protected your hair and helped it to retain its moisture.

2. Do not use hot water to wash your hair

Washing your hair with hot water will dry out your hair! Use warm water instead to cleanse your hair; this will also help your hair and be gentle to the cuticles of your hair, leaving you with a happy head of hair!

3. Have regular treatments

Afro and curly hair textures tend to struggle in the colder months, and additionally can dry out from the heat produced by central heating, leaving your hair dry and dull. A deep treatment every couple of weeks can correct this, providing your hair with moisture, strength and health. In between treatments, applying a hair mask to your washed hair and sitting under a dryer or heat cap can help your hair absorb more moisture from the product transforming frizzy hair to soft manageable hair.

4. Limit the use of Blow dryers or hair iron/straighteners

Heat damages the hair, and the excessive use of blow dryers or hair irons can leave your hair dry and dull. Opting for heat-less options such as rollers is a kinder way of styling your hair, but if you are going to opt for heat styling your hair, remember to protect it first, using products such as Mizani Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum or Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique.

5. Have regular trims 

Getting regular trims helps to get rid of the ends of your hair that are old and have been subjected to brushing and heat, and if your hair starts to split, the split could travel up your hair shaft spreading the damage. Regular trims keep your hair healthy and more manageable.

6. Add moisture 

Black & Afro and mixed-race hair needs to be moisturised on a regular basis, even more so during the winter months, and this should be done daily. In the same way you would moisturise your skin, applying a good moisturiser every day to your hair will prevent it drying out. Don’t be heavy handed with the moisturiser, and add just a little as you do not want to add too much which will make your hair heavy. For added hydration, you could also use a night-time treatment, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed and wash out in the morning.

7. Limit chemical treatments 

Subjecting your hair to too many chemical treatments can leave your hair dry and incorrect application of these chemicals could damage your hair. It is best to have your hair relaxed or coloured by professionals at a reputable saloon. Having less chemical treatments, say 3 or 4 instead of 6 or 7 seven for the hair and having steam treatments in between will go a long way in looking after your hair if you are having it chemically treated.

8. Use the correct hair bands 

We all do it – when in a hurry, we just tie our hair back quickly, but remember elastic or plastic bands will pull on your hair leading to damaged cuticles, friction and stress to your hair. The best bands to use are those that are covered in silk or satin. The smooth surface of the silk will help protect your hair from breakage and damage.